Floral Pink & Purple Birthday Card Kit Tutorial


For this card you should have 4 blank cards, 4 pre-stamped Happy Birthday pieces, 4 pre-stamped flower pieces, 4 pieces of small teal card stock, 4 pieces of pink card stock, 4 decorative pieces of paper, and 4 large teal pieces of cardstock.


Fold your cards in half at the crease.

Layer the decorative purple paper on top of the large piece of teal paper and center on the card.


Layer your flower stamped pieces onto the pink card stock and place just above center towards the left side of the card.


Layer the happy birthday pieces onto the small teal card stock and use dimensional adhesives to attach to right side of the card.


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Exploring Birthday Card Tutorial


For this card you should have 4 blank cards, pre-stamped on both sides. 4 Grey pre-stamped Happy Birthday pieces of cardstock, 4 decorative strips of paper, and 4 green pieces of cardstock.


Fold each of your cards so the decorative car stamps and “never stop exploring” are on the bottom of the front of the card.

Layer the decorative paper on top of the green card stock strip and place above the decorative stamps on your card.


Using dimensional adhesives, place your “happy birthday” piece of card stock in the center of your decorative paper.


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