Catnip Toys for Kitty


Here is a cheap and easy gift for kitty that anyone could make! Supplies required: Small scrap fabrics, small amount of catnip, a few basic sewing supplies (thread, needle, scissors, sewing machine optional).


Cut 2 pieces of fabric in a small shape of your choice. I made a 3in x 3in square to keep things simple. Place the fabric together with the good-side of the fabric facing in together.


Sew them together leaving 1-1.5 in. open to turn the fabric right side out.


Using pinking shears cut along the edge of the seams (or what I did with regular fabric scissors was cut a zig-zag pattern along the edge of my seams.)


Using the opening you left, turn your toy right-side-out now.


Often it helps to use a eraser-side of a pencil to poke to corners out.


Now using a funnel or a small spoon, fill the toy with a little catnip.


Just a little bit will do. In the image below you can see how I filled it only about a 1/2 inch.  (below my fingers)kittytoys-8

Now sew the opening closed. I usually sew it 2 or 3 times over just to make it nice & tight for when your kitty starts playing with it. kittytoys-7

Doesn’t even have to be too pretty, because I doubt your kitty will care how it looks once they smell it!


Here are the few that I made. Takes hardly any time to finish one and is a great use for small scrap fabrics! Not to mention a cheap gift for the kitty’s in your life!


Finally, give them to your kitty and watch them enjoy!


Please comment, share & Enjoy!-Holly

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